Being a husband, father of twins, cat dad and someone who juggles many project workloads requires me to be extra organized. I try to keep all of my projects and to do’s in order by using ToDoIst. The ToDoIst app is one of the easiest ways to stay on track and get things done. Here are some ways that I use it in my own life:

ToDoist is a highly flexible app.

ToDoist is a free cross-platform app that allows you to create multiple lists, share them with others, and find the time to remember important tasks by setting reminders.

It’s available for iOS and Android devices.

The beauty of ToDoIst lies in its flexibility. You can organize your life and projects however you want using this simple but powerful tool!

Using ToDoist to organize your project and life.

Before you start using ToDoist, take some time to organize your projects and living areas into separate lists. These lists will help you be more efficient with your work.

You can create different lists for different areas of your life or business. For example:

  • Personal/Family
  • Work Projects (such as “Work on my Business Plan” or “Complete Marketing Project”)
  • Academic (such as “Study for Math Final” or “Take English Comp Test”)

Each task must have a unique identifier to search later on when needed quickly!

ToDoist can help you accomplish more.

By using ToDoist’s different options, you can make your daily tasks more appealing.

You can use ToDoist’s different options to make your daily tasks more appealing.

By making your daily tasks more appealing to accomplish, you can use ToDoist’s different options.

Use ToDoists to complete projects on time.

You can create a master list and then sublists under it. For example, you could have a “Work” master list and then sublists for each project you are working on (e.g., “Project A,” “Project B,” Etc.).

Within each of these projects you have created, there will be tasks that need completion to finish the project. You can use subtasks within each project so that they are broken down into smaller parts and easier to handle.

Use subtasks to break down your project.

Subtasks are an excellent way to break down large projects into smaller, more manageable tasks. They can be added to any job and assigned a due date and priority just like regular ones. Subtasks also have their color, so they stand out from other tasks on your list.

Use ToDoist to collaborate with family members.

You can also share your lists with friends or family members to collaborate on big projects – no matter where they are!

  • Share a list with colleagues working on the same project as you.
  • Share a list with people in different locations.
  • Share a list with people in different time zones (for example, if one of your colleagues travels). This way, everyone can see what needs to be done next without waiting until they return from their trip and catch up on emails.

You will be surprised how helpful this app can be when managing large projects or organizing your life.

ToDoist is an excellent tool for managing large projects, but it’s also helpful in organizing your life. This app can help you get things done and be more productive! You can even share your lists with friends or family members so they can add something they need to do.


ToDoist app has so many great features and ways to customize to suit your needs. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t use a to-do list but I do know I am glad I found ToDoist to help organize my life. The best part is that you can sign up for free using their free plan and upgrade if you need a few more extra ways to organize your life!