Front-end Developer in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Hi I am Matt, a self-taught, passionate web developer, specializing in Front-end Development, WordPress, and Accessibility.

Front-End Development

Build responsive and fast loading websites using HTML, CSS and Javascript.

WordPress Development

Create custom themes using PHP, mySQL, MAMP, Advanced Custom Fields and Underscore Starter Theme.

Accessibility & SEO

Ensuring websites can be accessed by all visitors, be found in search engines and measure their success using analytics.

Latest Projects

news homepage challenge

Responsive News Homepage landing page using CSS Grid and Flexbox.

A Frontend Mentor challenge news homepage landing page project.

message generator

Skyrim Random Quote – Message Generator

Generates a random quote from the Skyrim video game using JavaScript. A CodeCademy Project.

c and j candles

C and J Candles

A candle company website.

Latest Post

love to learn

Non-tech skills Front-end Developers should have and continually try to improve on.

Web developer technical skills are significant, but non-tech skills are also critical.

computer monitor with word do more on it.

Web development resources and tools I use regularly

All the web tools and resources I have experience with and use frequently.

my first post

Matt’s first blog post

My first blog post. What to expect from my future postings and a little about who I am.

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